Delivery is made to the address defined by the Buyer during the order made exclusively on the territory of R. Macedonia only on the person with the capacity of Buyer (name and surname) or on the person defined as the recipient of the order by the Buyer. For purchased products worth less than 600 denars, a delivery fee of 120 denars is charged. For Purchased products worth over 600 denars, no delivery cost will be charged. Delivery costs are valid for delivery throughout Skopje and the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia. The download can be done exclusively by the Buyer (or the person specified for receipt of the order) by showing a valid personal identification document. Prior to the delivery of the product, the buyer will be contacted by phone, on the phone number left for contact, to confirm the date and time of delivery. An accurate phone number is a must when ordering. If the order is placed after 4 pm (Monday to Friday), it will be checked by us the next business day, and after confirmation of the successful transaction is received, the delivery period begins. If the order is made on Saturday, Sunday or any other non-working day, this procedure starts from the next business day. Weekends and non-working days are not included in the delivery deadline. The delivery of the product is done at the specified delivery address by the buyer. Every buyer is obliged to check the product from possible damage during transport, and if it is a matter of more products, to check whether a product is missing. If the product is delivered damaged, or a specific product is missing from the order, the buyer should inform us immediately, to take measures to eliminate the unintentional error. In this case, the cost of replacing the product will not be borne by the buyer. In case the buyer wants to return the product, not through our fault or the fault of the supplier, and wants to return the paid amount of the product, then the full amount will be deducted from the full delivery cost, in both directions according to the price list of the authorized supplier . If the buyer wants to replace or return the product, he is obliged to keep it undamaged, unpackaged, and unused together with all attached documents, at his expense to take it to the headquarters. Consumer dissatisfaction with the properties of the product if the product is in good condition and has a good shelf life is at the buyer’s risk. When buying decorative cosmetics, the shade can vary depending on the color of the screen to natural light.


Grand Kozmetik Tetovo completely refrains from any responsibility for the damage that can be inflicted on the Buyer and / or third parties if it occurred as a result of inappropriate and unauthorized use of the payment card or if for any reason it is abused or used without the knowledge and consent of the owner or if stolen. In the stated cases, Grand Kozmetik Tetovo is not obliged to return the paid funds. Grand Kozmetik Tetovo is not responsible for the costs of the Internet traffic of the buyer and will not be liable for any damage that could occur as a result of the interruption of the Internet connection at the time of using the electronic services when making an online purchase.


After the delivery, there is no possibility to cancel the purchased product and to limit the paid amount, except in cases when the user has the right to cancel the purchase based on the imperative provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection. If the Buyer receives an e-mail or SMS confirmation of a successful payment and does not receive the product within the stipulated deadline, then the Buyer may submit a complaint to any store of Grand Kozmetik Tetovo or to The buyer is obliged to submit, in addition to the complaint, proof of confirmed payment and / or statement from the bank for the performed transaction. To all user advertisements and complaints, Grand Kozmetik Tetovo will respond within the legally prescribed deadline of 15 days.